Did you know that real honey crystallize overtime, sometimes in a short time? Raw and Unfiltered honey,  tends to have a white strong appearance during crystallization. It may look crunchy and hard. Or perhaps it has become totally hard. There’s not worries. It’s still good and tells you your buying the real deal, not some  honey -flavored fructose disguised in in a cute little bear bottle.


While honey doesn’t expire, it can still change in shape, color. It’s completely  natural.

Honey foam may be one of the most surprising things about the appearance of raw honey. It is often greeted with the words: “What’s that white stuff on top?” Regardless of the raw honey’s form, runny or crystallized, it may be topped with a thin layer of froth, which will solidify in crystallized honey. If you find this honey foam in your jar, consider yourself lucky.

The orange/ black particles in your honey is pollen, propolis, and wax.

  1. Raw honey has no additives and has not been processed in the way that destroys nutrients.
  2. It has all of the nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and pollen still within it.
  3. There are a few important items in the processing phase that make raw honey the healthiest honey available.
  4. Raw Honey Has Antioxidants And Vitamins
  5. Raw Honey Is A Natural Energy Source
  6. Raw Honey Is A Natural Cough Suppressant
  7. Raw Honey Is An Effective Antibiotic For Wounds

No. Retailed honey contains little to no pollen and nutrients are removed during the process of  heating and filtering.

As long as it is unpasteurized, It can remain good decades and even centuries!

As with any raw, unprocessed foods, honey is not recommended for infants whose immune systems are not fully developed. Therefore health professionals do not recommend honey for children under one year of age.

No, there are many varieties and flavors of honey, depending on the flowers from which bees collect nectar.

Our hives are placed in canola, clover, alfaalfa, wild flower lands

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